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Funny Cunt Stuff

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Funny Cunt Stuff

Here you will find a section of funny stuff featuring the word cunt. It is a selection of the best bits from our TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages...


It's amazing what makes it into a modern-day dictionary...Cuntentment Dictionary Definition

OK, Have you ever felt "Cuntent"? Another day goes by, and based on the days' events you can reflect on it and know you've been a cunt, but you're OK with it? That my friend is the definition of cuntentment! Why ruin your evening dwelling on it, just accept you are who you are!

Some wisdom from Ted...It's Monday, try not to be a cunt.

OK, it's Monday, and you are not alone if you think you are the only who feels a bit cunty as a result. But! Just consider pretty much everyone else is the same boat, so listen to Ted, and try not to be a cunt! If you want to laugh about it, check out our Monday Mornings and Cunts range by clicking here.


What your cat is thinking...

I love taking naps because it's exhausting being a cunt.

Cats are a bit like Marmite. You either love 'em or hate 'em, and if you're honest, no matter how you feel, if you're honest you have to admit they can be a bit of a cunt. Check out some hilarious cunt gifts and cards based on cats in our pet section here.


What dogs think...

Look at that cunt picking up my shit he'd better wash his hands before he feeds me

So that's was cats, and this is a glimpse into a dogs mind. You can't deny it's true. Put yourself in the same situation... if you saw your mum pick the shit you just left in a toilet up, you'd think the same thing!! Check out some hilarious cunt gifts and cards based on dogs in our pet section here.


So do we kid, so do we...

I see cunts everywhere, and they don't even know they're cunts - Sixth Sense

It's OK kid. When you say "I see cunts everywhere, and they don't even know they're cunts" well so do we, you are not alone! You don't even need a sixth sense to see them.

Swearing is so unattractive

Swearing is so unattractive you cunt.

What do you say if someone says to you: "Swearing is so unattractive"?. Well, our advice would be "Well I'm not trying to "attract" you anyway, ya cunt". Job done!

Tell it how it is

Somewhere somebody out there is thinking of you cunt

Somewhere, somebody out there is thinking of you, and the tremendous impact you made on their life. It's not me, I think you're a cunt.

A message from a giraffe.

Have a nice day you shit cunt

There is something extra special when a giraffe says "Have a nice day you shit cunt". Well, we think so... 

What you are really thinking...

Social Media Status - You Cunt!

It doesn't matter if its Facebook, Instagram or any other social site, they all make us think the same thing right!?