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About Us

First things first...

- Cunt is probably one of the last truly taboo words in the English language.

- It can be a very horrible word if used in a derogatory or aggressive manner.

- It can be a very funny word when said with a smile.

- We are only concerned with it being said with a smile. You will see that reflected in our designs.

- If this site has offended you, please refer to the info at the bottom of this page.

Cunt Gifts has become the world's most established creator and retailer of cunt branded gifts and merchandise.

From humble beginnings, we now supply customers around the world through our online store.

We also supply retail stores throughout the UK. If you are interested in becoming a retailer please click here.

We create thousands of smiles every day, and could not be prouder of that.

Happy Shopping!



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-As a customer, your data with us is protected from the public domain as it is covered by European Law - The Data Protection Act of 1998.
-Customer details and data can be obtained from us when a specific request is made from any official Law Enforcement Agency regarding an investigation of malicious intent.